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Car Led Bulbs

Alot of car manufacturers are replacing their lighting system with the latest LED Bulb technology. LED bulbs are a huge difference from regular halogen bulbs. We also sell HID Conversion Kits, for more information please visit our website at http://www.hidwholesale.com

Regular halogen bulbs use a tungsten filament that is sealed with an argon or nitrogen gas. Due to heavy daily use of your signal/brake lights the chances of the filament breaking or gas escaping is really high.

Alot of car manufacturers are using LED bulbs in many different applications because they last significantly longer than regular halogen bulbs. LED bulbs rarely break down and some will last you a lifetime because they do not have tungsten filaments or contain any gases. They also use alot less power and will produce the equal or more light output than regular halogen bulbs. If your LED bulb has more than one LED on it, it will create a very nice effect when it is lighted. It will be more visible and safe for you and your passengers.


At LEDAutoBulbs.com not only do we manufacture top quality LED Replacement Bulbs, but we are the exclusive distributor of OEM Quality HID Conversion Kits. The manufacturer of our HID Conversion Kits is well established and highly regarded in the automotive industry.

Since our beginning in 1995, client service has been a fundamental value of our organization. Our highest priority is to deliver the best of the company to every client engagement. Weither you are a fortune 500 company or just a regular customer, you will be treated equally the same. LEDAutoBulbs.com supplies our world class replacement LED Bulbs with various companies around the globe. We are proud to be largest supplier of Car Led products in North America. We have the biggest selection and ability to customize the products for different custom applications.

These car led bulbs can be simply installed with commonly found household tools. Detailed Instructions on how to replace your lights are found in your owners manual. Get the luxury you deserve for a fraction of the cost! Great DIY project that will save you money and provide you with the comfort you deserve.

LEDAutoBulbs.com offers a Tracking Number Search Engine to gurantee delivery, click HERE for more information. Got a question about our products? Please visit our FAQ as you will find many answers to commonly asked questions.

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